Jeffrey Bonner

Jeffrey Bonner

Bonner has been president and CEO of the Saint Louis Zoo since 2002; in 2009 he became the Dana Brown President and Chief Executive Officer.

Noah’s efforts have been on Bonner’s mind as well, as evidenced in the title of his book, “Sailing with Noah.”

Before Bonner became the leader of our local zoo, he headed up the Indianapolis Zoo and White River Gardens. After earning his doctorate from Columbia University, he was appointed director of exhibits and programs for the Saint Louis Science Center.

Under his direction, the zoo has increased its already sizable effort at conservation, and now boasts 12 conservation centers supporting research and conservation activities for critically endangered species and habitats across the globe.

Bonner sees the mission of the zoo as “connecting visitors with the animals they see right in front of them” and likes to think of the animals under his care as ambassadors for their kind.