Rhonda BeLue and Edward Lawlor

Rhonda BeLue and Edward Lawlor

The Institute for Public Health and the McDonnell International Scholars Academy presented a panel on ‘Hidden Costs of the Pandemic: Local and Global Perspectives.’ Experts across disciplines and countries reflected on the many ways in which COVID-19 has transformed our lives – from the impact on women and children to the financial strain posed by the pandemic and its effects on mental health. The panel was part of the Institute for Public Health’s 13th Annual Conference: COVID-19 Pandemic: Response, Lessons Learned, and Recovery.


Jessica Gold, MD, MS; Jason Newland, MD, MEd; Karen Joynt-Maddox, MD, MPH; Hilary Reno, MD, PhD; Timothy McBride, PhD, MS; Maria Laura Costa do Nascimento, MD, PhD; George Kyei, MD, PhD, MS; Kim Thuy Seelinger, JD


Rhonda BeLue, PhD and Edward Lawlor, PhD

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