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John McArthur

By Barbara Rea on January 23, 2017 in Current Global Issues, Featured Speaker, Spring 2017 / No Comments

The desire to improve living standards throughout the globe is a commendable goal, but given the enormous scope and scale of the challenges, how can someone who has dedicated his life to meeting that goal remain optimistic? By focusing on the successes! Join Brookings scholar John McArthur on February 23 to learn about the successes — and potential future successes — as he reports on the UN’s Millennium initiative.

Jonathan Biss

By Barbara Rea on January 23, 2017 in Featured Speaker, Spring 2017 / No Comments

How does age impact the work of creative artists? Does an artist’s accumulated knowledge and experience, combined with a sense that time is finite, create the conditions for especially intense or heightened expression? And how do these dynamics – common to artists of all kinds – play out in the realm of music composition?

The internationally-renowned pianist Jonathan Biss explores these questions of “late style” creativity in a panel discussion with Washington University faculty on February 8 at 5 pm in Danforth University Center’s Goldberg Formal Lounge.