Assembly Series speaker 2016

White House spokesperson Eric Schultz

“From Washington University to the White House”

By Barbara Rea on January 22, 2016 in / No Comments

Eric Schultz is one of many WashU alums whose career paths have led them to the White House. Join Eric for a conversation on what goes into the transformation from being a student majoring in political science to participating in the making of political history.

“An Evening in Eddie’s World”

By Barbara Rea on December 23, 2015 in / No Comments

Eddie Huang's story is at once singular and universal, for many children of immigrants must find their own way within two often conflicting cultures, but he forged his own path. In both his memoir and his talk, he tells “Eddie’s story”—the story of a bright, brash, and hardworking Taiwanese kid ...

“Devotional Images of the Prophet Muhammad in Islamic Traditions”

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It's common knowledge that Islam forbids depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, but is this assumption correct? The 2005 controversy over cartoons featuring the Prophet Muhammad, published in a Danish newspaper, introduced the public to this notion, but art historian Christiane Gruber begs to differ...

“America’s Future: Insights from a Presidential Adviser”

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In a career spanning four decades, campaign strategist David Axelrod has influenced the outcomes of more than 150 Democratic campaigns, many of which were considered landmark victories. But in 2008 he orchestrated his most historic campaign, helping elect the first African-American as the 44th pr...

juana rodriguez spring 2016

“Women of Casa Xochiquetzal: Corporeal Encounters, Queer Feelings

By Barbara Rea on December 11, 2015 in

Among her many research interests, noted sexuality and queer theory scholar Juana Rodriguez studies how various forms of representation can transform the way we "see" people. Using a group of elderly sex workers in Mexico City as an example, she demonstrates how combining visual and narrative inf...