• October 25, 2017 • 4 PM – 5 PM
  • Wilson Hall, 214

Thomas Hall Lecture in the History of Science

  • October 30, 2017 • 4 PM – 5 PM
  • Anheuser-Busch Hall, Room 310

Norman Ornstein is an American Enterprise Institute scholar and keen observer of the American political system. In his last two books, co-authored with Thomas Mann, Ornstein takes us on a historical journey to identify the roots of decline in the quality of Congressional governance, illustrates how the “politics of extremism” was born and how its […]

  • November 8, 2017 • 5 PM – 6 PM
  • Umrath Hall Lounge

The Greatest Outrage of the Century: White Violence and Black Protest in America” will revisit the 1917 East St. Louis Race Riot and Ida B. Wells-Barnett’s campaign for racial justice.  Highlighting the racial and sexual politics of the riot, the historian Crystal Feimster explores the role of black women in the long struggle against white […]

  • November 13, 2017 • 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
  • Anheuser-Busch Hall, Room 310

He was the little blonde-haired boy in the iconic picture of children being liberated from the Auschwitz concentration camp. He was one of the lucky few who made it out alive. But it was many decades later that Michael Bornstein discovered just how incredibly lucky he had been. In his memoir, “Survivors Club: The True […]