Assembly Series events are free and open to the public. Please check the Upcoming Events section for updated listings, dates, times and locations on campus.

Commitment to Free Forum of Expression

The Assembly Series fully embraces the University’s commitment to presenting a wide diversity of ideas and opinions and encouraging free discussion of those ideas and opinions.

It is with this commitment in mind that the Assembly Series Committee agrees that guest speakers should expect to be heard without interference from or harassment by those who oppose their views or positions, and that posters, banners and other forms of expression should not be brought into the presentation area during the talk so that an environment free of interference, distraction and intimidation shall be maintained. The Assembly Series Committee welcomes the opportunity to help student groups bring guests to speak on a variety of issues and to arrange forums for a discussion period following a lecture, during which opposing perspectives may be discussed.

The University policy is: No placards or banners inside Graham Chapel or other presentation areas on campus, either in support of or in opposition to the speaker. Groups are free to gather outside, to leaflet, to display posters and to distribute literature, as long as they do not obstruct entry or disrupt the speaker in any way.


Visitor Parking Options

Due to the East End Transformation project, drivers without parking permits are advised to check the university’s Parking & Transportation Services website for visitor parking information.