Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely

Psychologist and behavioral economist Dan Ariely wants to understand the forces that influence human behavior. His research proves that, despite our intentions, we often fail to act in our own best interests. For example, why do we promise ourselves to skip the chocolate cake, then change course once the dessert tray rolls around? Why do we overvalue things that we’ve worked to put together?

Through his experiments, which are often unusual and which span a wide range of behaviors, Ariely attempts to expose our blind spots and demonstrate how often “common wisdom” fails us, so that we can live more sensible – if not rational – lives.

The multiple New York Times bestselling author and popular TED presenter will bring his insight and wit to campus at noon on Thursday, February 2 in Hillman Hall’s Clark-Fox Forum for an Assembly Series talk on “The Art and Science of Self Control: How to Act in Your Long-Term Best Interests.” Program sponsors include the Envolve Center for Health Behavior Change, where Ariely is a faculty director, and the Law School’s Public Interest Law and Policy Speakers Series.

Ariely is the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University; he also is the founder of The Center for Advanced Hindsight and a co-founder of BEworks, a management consulting firm that applies behavioral science to real world applications. In 2013 he was named one of Bloomberg’s Top 50 Most Influential thinkers.

In addition to his books, which include “Predictably Irrational,” The Upside of Irrationality,” “The Honest Truth About Dishonesty,”  “Irrationally Yours,” and “Payoff,” Ariely shares advice in a bi-weekly column, “Ask Ariely” for the Wall Street Journal. His film credits include co-creating the 2015 documentary based on his research, (Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies.

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Ariely’s books can be purchased at the Danforth Campus Store.