Maurice Sendak

Maurice Sendak

The beloved children's author Maurice Sendak spoke on campus more than once, but on Nov. 29, 1989 his talk was on "Creative Theft."

Maurice Sendak, widely considered to be the most important contemporary children’s author and beloved by young and old alike, spoke on campus more than once, but on Nov. 29, 1989 he addressed the topic of “Creative Theft.” Here are a few nuggets; please note that due to the condition of the audio tape, some of the quotes may not be exact:

“Chaos…is much more crucial to my life (and that’s) childhood. And what’s amazing is how children survive (and become you and us). That we grow up at all, with our brains interacting on any level, is amazing.”

Speaking on the courage of children…”They have to be very brave and that bravery and loyalty and passion for life is the subtext for everything I’ve written.”

“By nature I’m not a brave man…but when at my drawing board or my writing desk, you have no choice, you have to jump. It’s the first step in the creative process.”

On “Where the Wild Things Are”…”Childhood fantasies are integrated into a work of art and if you’re lucky you will exorcise some of them.”

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