SPS National Council 2014-15

Committee B: Benevolence



Sayan Patra (AZC 12), Samuel Hebenstreit (AZC 14), Joni Clark (AZC 16), Dwight Neuenschwander (EC), Jon Levin (ZC 8), Peter Sheldon (ZC 4), Brian Schwartz (ZC 9)


Develop a method for collecting and maintaining a working database of Sigma Pi Sigma alumni members who would be willing to speak and interact with student chapters and members, as well as an effective way to get this information to chapters.

Plan of Action

  • Make an online form where Sigma Pi Sigma members can register to become speakers
  • Contact (email and physical mail) 40,000 active Sigma Pi Sigma members in the YM database
  • Post in the Sigma Pi Sigma LinkedIn group
  • Build a database of Sigma Pi Sigma members who are interested in speaking at Zone Conferences
  • Database will include name, brief bio and state of residence of the speaker
  • Publish the speaker database on spsnational.org
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